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Moriah D. Gets a Kick out of Camp

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Hey, Camp Fans!

This weekend, we continue publishing the great submissions we received for our new monthly ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest. After our two prize winners, all entrants in our May contest received S’more Bucks (our campy term for loyalty points) for their participation—at Everything Summer Camp, everyone’s a winner! 

The following camp story submission is from Moriah D. who wrote in to tell us about her summer visits at Catalina Island Camp! Here’s her submission:

“My Mom has been volunteering at this camp for 25 years and my mom has been taking me there when I was a baby for almost 6 years. The first year I started doing all the activities is when I was nine years old. One of my many favorite activities is the high ropes at first I was really scared then my whole cabin cheered me on and I finished it. The other activities I really liked are hiking because most of the people around me encourage everyone around me. There are 3 more things I did not mention earlier: My name is Moriah and I am11 years old and the first time I went to this camp I did not want to go, but now I want to stay forever. Thank You for reading this.”

And thank you for writing this, Moriah! That’s awesome that you got to grow up with Catalina Island Camp around in the summers before actually attending summer sessions! It’s great how supportive the people and experiences of camp can be, isn’t it? I hope your future gets brighter every summer at Catalina Island Camp and maybe start volunteering like your mom! To everybody else, if you’re interested in your own camp stay at Catalina Island Camp, check out their website to learn more. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John


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