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Memorial Savings Week

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Hey, Summer Shoppers!

Memorial Day is nearly here! We’re certainly ramping up to the summer season and excited for the upcoming federal holiday—Memorial Day. This day is a day to remember the soldiers who have fallen while in service to their country, but because of its position on the calendar and the time off from work, many folks think of it as an unofficial first day of summer. With our nation reopening right now, maybe your family can get together for a barbecue or hangout.

You might also think of Memorial Day as a marker to kick your summer camp prep into full gear! Now’s the time to check off the rest of your list so that you don’t find yourself still getting ready the day before camp starts!

As helpful incentive to get your gear now, I’m announcing our Memorial Day Sale in full effect today, going on right now and it runs through next week Tuesday!

Check out the sale:

Trunk Discounts
We’re taking 25% off our Solid Color Camp Trunks in our Happy Camper, Grad, and UnderGrad sizes. As for our awesome Designer Trunks, Create-Your-Own Footlockers, and the Pop-Up Soft Trunks, we’re shaving $20 off. Check out all your options right here!

Along with Accessories
We also have just a few select trunk accessories on sale including the Wheel Away System to bring great convenience to your trunk transportation!

More Department Discounts
Get your camp clothing labeled and stored away for laundry services at camp! You can find our Name Labels for 20% off this week along with Laundry Bags for 15% off!

Cuts on Camp Gear
Get a good deal on camping gear at 10% off on select items like Sleeping Bags, Fans, Flashlights, and Raingear!

Not Done Yet…
The icing on the Memorial Day Sale cake is our Bonus Coupon to give you additional savings! Spend more than $100 on an order and you get $10. Pair up this coupon with one of our trunks and you’re getting a $30 discount on your camp trunk. Pretty good deal, huh?

Take advantage of this week of sales and knock your camp prep out of the park so you can breathe a sigh of relaxation and enjoy some peace before the summer season really kicks off! As always, thanks for reading and Happy Memorial Day!


- John


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