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Make Your Mark with Name-Taz-Stick Personalizable Sticker Sets!

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Hey, Sticker Lovers!

A camp trunk covered in a collage of camp decals and random stickers is more than just a great storage container—it's a tangible symbol to represent the spirit of wanderlust, curiosity, and adventure. Now your camper can take their trunk decorating to the next level with our new Name-Taz-Stick Personalizable Sticker Set from Everything Summer Camp!

These stickers are perfect for personalizing water bottles, notebooks, and, of course, our hard C&N Camp Trunks. Your child will love seeing their name or initials displayed proudly on their belongings, making it easy to identify their items and avoid mix-ups at summer camp.

With secure adhesion, Name-Taz-Stick Stickers stay in place, ensuring durability throughout summer camp adventures. Plus, they can be removed and reused with careful peeling. A fantastic way for campers to add a personal touch to their belongings and stand out from the crowd, Name-Taz-Stick stickers are a must-have for any summer camper.

Provide your camper with a means to express their individuality and creativity when personalizing their gear! This Sticker Set can help establish a sense of ownership and pride for your camper as well, ensuring a memorable summer camp adventure. Whether it's labeling their belongings or adding a pop of color and personality, the Name-Taz-Stick Sticker Set is the perfect addition to any camper's toolkit.

Not only do they serve as a great, fun way for your child to decorate and label their camp gear but also as a conversation-starter among fellow campers to help break the ice and get them talking. This Sticker Set is a small, yet powerful way to make your child’s camp experience truly their own. Get your Name-Taz-Stick Stickers today and let the adventures begin!

Add even more fun to your camper’s summer camp prep with our Everything Summer Camp Name-Taz-Stick Sticker Set, available right here! Enjoy checking out all the varieties we offer and letting your kid decide which set they like best. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

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