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Let the Hunt Begin

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Hello all!

Welcome to the Everything Summer Camp Blog today where we have a special announcement of an exciting event being held right here and right now on the Everything Summer Camp website! Oh boy, are we thrilled about this one! Already in full swing from two days ago, Monday marked the beginning of The Great Scavenger Hunt at Everything Summer Camp!

We’re sending you all over our website, from one end to another and back again along with the occasional trip to Facebook and YouTube, in search of your next clue. Once you find these hidden clues, you need to put on your thinking cap to solve the puzzle or riddle and figure out where the next clue will be.

Some clues are puzzles—made up of images that you have to combine and link together. Those clues look something like this: Other clues are riddles. They’re just a quick sentence or two that gets you on the track for the next clue. They look more like this: You’ll notice that with each new clue you find, there’s another letter or number you’re given. There are 20 clues. Keep track of all the letters and numbers you find and, after you’ve reached the final clue, unscramble the letters and numbers to complete the scavenger hunt.

The Great Scavenger Hunt will keep going until Sunday May 9th. Everyone that completes the hunt by then will be entered into a random drawing for Gift Cards to Everything Summer Camp. We’ll draw four winners and each winner will receive a different amount Gift Card: $500 to First Place, $100 to Second, $50 to Third, and $25 for Fourth Place.

We hope you have as much fun on the Hunt as we did creating it! As always, thanks for reading. And, now embark upon your journey of The Great Scavenger Hunt at Everything Summer Camp by clicking right here! Your first clue awaits…


- John

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  • This was a lot of fun!!!!! Very hard too at the end, but so glad I finally figured it out!

    Lori A Stauffer on

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