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The Great Scavenger Hunt - Starting Page

The Great Scavenger Hunt at Everything Summer Camp

Want to have fun and possibly win some great prizes? Complete our virtual scavenger hunt by May 9th, 2021 and you'll be entered into a random drawing for prizes that include:

  • $100 Gift Cards
  • $50 Gift Cards
  • Summer Camp Gear
  • And our Grand Prize, a $500 Gift Card for

The drawing will take place live on on Monday, May 10th at 2pm CST. Click here to Watch Live.

In order to complete the scavenger hunt you'll have to solve riddles and puzzles hidden across our website (and a couple on Facebook and Youtube). With each clue that you hunt down you will also be given a letter or a number that you'll need to keep track of.

To complete the scavenger hunt you will need to collect all 20 letters (or numbers) and then unscramble them to complete a phrase.

The very last clue will take you to a page on our website where you can submit the word scramble phrase and be entered into the prize drawing.


Here's a sample clue (this is only an example, the letter W is not a part of the word scramble)::

Scavenger Hunt Sample Clue

The answer to this clue is SUNSCREEN. The next step would be to go to our "Sunscreen" collection page and look at all of the products there until you find the next clue. 


Here's another sample clue (this is only an example, the letter Y is not a part of the word scramble):

Scavenger Hunt Sample Clue

The answer to this clue is WATERMELON FOOTLOCKER. Some clues like the first one take you to a collection of products where you'll have to spend time looking for the next clue. Other clues, like this one, will lead you to a specific product where the next clue is waiting for you.


To keep track of your clues, answers, letters and numbers we created a worksheet that you can print out (you can also just keep track on scrap paper). You can get that worksheet here:




Here is your first real clue. The letter S is a part of the word scramble. Good luck!

 Scavenger Hunt Starting Page - First Clue