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Hello and Happy Fourth of July, Camp-Spirited Citizens!

Today in the United States, we celebrate our Independence Day. This annual holiday is referred to as Independence Day and each nation celebrates the specific date when it achieved its freedom. Every country the world over has its own independence day aside from Britain and Scotland since these countries were never under the rule of another government.
Liberty reigns the world over!

We’re pretty familiar with our own celebrations here in the states, but have you ever wondered how other nations across the world celebrate the days that their country achieved self-governing recognition after being under the rule of another colony or state?

Here are just a few examples of other countries independence days and how they celebrate:

Mexico – September 16, 1810
Not May 5th as so many people believe it to be, Mexico celebrates their freedom from Spain with their president ringing the historic liberty bell the previous night. Then the next day is brimming with traditional parades, dances, bullfights, and more.

India – August 15, 1947
Previously under rule from the British government, India gained its independence soon after World War II ended. Much like our American celebrations, India puts on parades and fireworks shows. They even participate in kite-flying contests.

Barbados – November 30, 1966
The island country of the West Indies, Barbados gained independence from the government of the United Kingdom. In observation of this day, Barbadians prepare their traditional seafood plates and hold art competitions throughout the entire month of their independence.

You can find lots more information about our own American independence from the rule of Britain and how we came to celebrate our Fourth of July customs on this Blog. Start your learning journey by clicking here. Have fun with your traditional celebrations today and, as always, thanks for reading! Happy Fourth, Camp Fans!


- John

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