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From Mother to Daughter

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Your camp stories were great! I had a great time reading through them all and now I’m excited to share them with all our readers online and post each submission right here on the Blog! I’ve finished announcing our ten lucky winners who took larger prizes and we’ve now moved on to the rest of your submissions.

The following entry is from Megan P. who wrote in to tell us about her own time at Westminster Woods as well as her daughter’s camp stay at Gold Arrow Camp. Here is her submission:


“My camp adventures as a child always were a few hours north of home in the redwoods in Sonoma County. We would have funny nicknames and sing songs around the campfire. I remember one year wading through a creek with a huge cold watermelon at the end of our adventure and it was the sweetest reward. We could climb up to a cave and open our mouths in the dark to see if the rumor of breaking a white life saver in the dark really creates a spark. The songs I learned while away every summer are ones I still hum at times. Now it’s my daughter’s turn. Her camp is for two weeks and with no phones or internet it’s like going back in time to my youth. Laughter replaces time on the phone. Campfires replace an evening movie. I’m so grateful for summer camp. It is allowing my daughter to realize how capable she is. To make new friends outside of her small school class. She packed her entire soft sided trunk and we’re grateful for the attached zip on bag. I actually saw a photo of it and her smiling in her tent. They take photos and send them to us periodically as a way for our current parental always know where ones child is culture to feel connected while they are off having fun. It’s wonderful how camp life can stay similar as time and technology marches on.”


Fantastic, Megan! Thanks for sharing this piece. It really shows how summer camp is still summer camp despite the forward march of time and tech. Your time at camp sounds like it was quite the adventure! Wading with a watermelon must have been quite the challenge. And now I HAVE to know—did the lifesavers make a spark? Take a closer look at Westminster Woods to visit the same camp as Megan or check out Gold Arrow Camp where her daughter went this summer. As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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