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Fourth Sale!!!

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Happy Independence Day, Camp Fans!

If you’ve been able to hold off on your summer camp shopping until now—OR—if your kid’s already away from home for their summer camp stay, but you want to pick up gear for next year, then luck is with you today! And that luck is going to stay with you all week long—through Saturday, the 7th. You can save on select camp gear with the

Everything Summer Camp Fourth of July Sale!!!

Check it out:Save money while being patriotic!

Pop Up Soft Trunks
First and foremost, our Pop Up Soft Trunks will be on sale at 10% off which cuts $15 from the regular price! Soft Trunks are a great alternative for campers who are restricted from using a metal trunk. The wire frame inside Pop Up Trunks collapses to a conveniently compact size for storage outside of camp.

Camp. Ts
Next, check out our Camp. Ts which are marked down by 25%! What state is most home to you? Is it the one where you were born? Is it the one where your currently reside? Is it the one where your summer camp is? Pick up whichever state your heart belongs to and do it for only $13.50!

Avex FreeFlow Autoseal
And then there’s the Avex FreeFlow Autoseal Water Bottle with 25% shaved off its original price tag as well. The Fourth of July Sale leaves this superior water bottle at the price of just $13.50 too. Keep your camper hydrated at camp and do it at a discount!

Aside from our Pop Up Soft Trunks, our Camp Ts, and our Avex Autoseal, our Name Labels and Clothing Stamps are on sale at 20% off. We also have our Laundry Bags marked at 15%. And, yes, that goes for our Personalized Laundry Bags as well! And Floor Mats for your camp bunk (including personalized mats) are marked 10% off!

Other departments will have select items at 10% off, such as Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, Sleeping Bags, Speedo Swim Wear, and Flashlights. Enjoy finding great deals across our site and take advantage of our free shipping for orders over $49 as long as the sale lasts. Have fun shopping and, as always, thanks for reading! Happy Fourth!


- John

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