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Finally One on French Woods...

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Hey, Campy Kids!

I’ve mentioned French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts a number of times before here on the Blog what with ‘Share Your Camp Story’ submissions from French Woods campers themselves as well as posts about all the celebrities who attended this camp in the past like Robert Downey Jr., Zooey Deschanel, Jon Favreau, and others. Today, however, let’s focus on just the camp and the great things going on there in the state of New York.

French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts sits contently on a private lake in the western Catskill Mountains of New York State near the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania Border.

Offering individual choices for the performing arts, French Woods gives opportunities like never before for their campers as young as 7 to 17 years old. Younger campers have more guidance and supervision at French Woods, while older campers are able to take on some responsibility and have a chance to work in the areas of their interest.

French Woods Festival of Performing Arts offers Theater, Dance, Music, Circus, Magic, Rock N’ Roll, Visual Arts, Film and Video, Sports, Tennis, Fitness, Water Sports, Skateboard, Horseback Riding, and more.

French Woods campers are provided with a spacious, comfortable, and modern home base, complete with electricity, private showers, and private toilet facilities. They’re responsible for tidying their own spaces, and the toilets and showers are cleaned daily by a professional cleaning staff. Ten campers live in each bunk, supervised by three counselors who all tuck away in the accommodating and cozy wooden bunk beds.

If you think you’d like to follow in some of the famous footsteps who have attended French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, give this summer camp a good look for your own summer experience sometime and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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