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Imagine Knowing Iron Man From Summer Camp

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Hey, Film Fans!

Well, Blog Buddies, in the time that we’ve been blogging—which hasn’t been incredibly long—we’ve talked about a good number of celebrities who have gone to summer camp. Today I have another great celebrity to tell you about who attended summer camp—two of them, actually—when he was about your age.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m talking about Iron Man, himself—Robert Downey Jr. Robert attended French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts located in Hancock, New York as well as Stage Door Manor in Massachusetts. From a young age, Robert expressed his passion for acting and while attending both camps he was very involved in the plays that they put on.

This guy killed it at summer camp!Robert’s first appearance on the screen came at a young age—before he ever went to summer camp! He debuted in his father’s film, Pound at the very young age of five. Afterwards he played roles in the films Less Than Zero as well as the popular cult classic, Weird Science.

In 2000 he won a Golden Globe Award for his new role in the hit television drama, Ally McBeal. With growing popularity, Robert has been seen in a bunch of more recent movies, but none of them quite so popular as the three Iron Man movies in which he plays the role of Tony Stark. Iron Man started out as a Marvel Comic Book superhero but is now better associated with Robert Downey Jr.

Robert has become incredibly successful over the years making billion dollar movies like The Avengers (another Marvel Comic Book movie), and Iron Man 3. He is now one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors at $75 million in this last year!

And just remember kids, Robert Downey Jr. liked summer camp so much he went to two of them.


- John


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