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Comin' up Kirk

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Hey, Camp Fans!

People my age remember Kirk Cameron from his long-running role as Mike Seaver on the classic television sitcom, ‘Growing Pains’. And this isn’t the first time I’ve posted about him here on the Blog. In his first post, we explained that though he never attended camp, he obviously knows what a positive influence camp is since he launched his own Camp Firefly!

That last post, however, only got things started with Kirk. Let’s take a second look at the more spiritual side of this TV star.

Now Kirk’s a Believer
Though he wasn’t raised with any specific religion and adamantly denied any existence of God, it all changed when he agreed join a friend at church one day. The service made him ask a lot of hard questions he never thought of before like ‘Who created the world?’ ‘What happens when you die?’ ‘Does anything besides survival of the fittest matter here on Earth?’ Now Kirk’s a believer!

Cameron Christian Ministry
Kirk was 17 by the time he left atheism behind him. His sister, Candace Cameron, however, was around 12 years old when she joined Kirk and accepted God into her life. You may know his little sister from her highly recognizable role as DJ Tanner on ‘Full House’—a character she recently reprised in ‘Fuller House’. She operates her own ministry while Kirk also co-founded an evangelical ministry.

Why Must I Play a Teenager in Love?
On ‘Growing Pains’, Kirk’s character Mike started dating a girl played by Chelsea Noble. In real life, Kirk ended up marrying Chelsea and, together, the two have a family of six kids—four of whom were adopted!

A big salute to Kirk for starting up Camp Firefly and everything else he’s achieved throughout his life. And, to everybody else, thanks for reading!


- John


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