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What’s Kirk Cameron done for camp?

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Hey, Summer Campers!

Admirable involvement in the summer camp lifestyle is everywhere you look. Knowing what a great impact camp can have on a kid’s life, people can play a huge role in supporting, donating, or even launching a camp. For never actually having ATTENDED summer camp when he was younger, Kirk Cameron certainly realizes the impact that camp has on kids.Kirk Cameron in a more-or-less current photo That’s why he launched Camp Firefly.

Best known for his role as Mike Seaver from the classic sitcom, ‘Growing Pains’ (which started when he was a child and stretched to his early adolescence), Kirk was certainly a teenage heartthrob in the 80’s and early 90’s.

‘Growing Pains’ revolves around the Seaver family, living in New York. The premise of the show starts with psychiatrist, Jason Seaver who starts working from home since his wife, Maggie, resumed her old occupation as a reporter. Dr. Seaver is left during the workdays to fulfill his job’s needs AND look after their four children: Mike (Kirk Cameron), Carol, Ben, and Chrissy. And heartwarming hilarity ensues.Sometimes a wierdo, Kirk has done great things for burdened families

Kirk’s gone on to do lots of recurring television appearances in shows like ‘Herbie the Love Bug’, ‘Touched by an Angel’, and ‘Full House’ as well as work in film such as ‘Beyond Witch Mountain’ and ‘Starflight: The Plane That Couldn’t Land’.

But beyond his work onscreen, Kirk has done awesome deeds of good will. In co-founding his summer camp, Camp Firefly, with his wife—actress, Chelsea Noble, these two have made a place where families with terminally and seriously ill children, can go to get a break from their exhaustive everyday that’s filled with medical treatments and financial concerns.

Camp Firefly is an all expenses-paid, one-week retreat not just for the sick child, but for the entire family so that, it becomes an experience that offers a burdened family to spend some quality time with each other and meet other families who share similar adversity.

Click here to check out more about Camp Firefly and scroll down to spot Kirk in this great opening sequence from ‘Growing Pains’.


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