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Cheyenne’s visit to Prude Ranch..

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

Continuing our Camp Story Submissions, today I have an entry from Ms. Cheyenne R.! Cheyenne tells us all about her awesome summer stay at Prude Ranch where she met lots of friends, had great times, ate delicious food, and bonded with beautiful horses. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Check it out at Prude Ranch!“Hi, there. My name is Cheyenne Rondeaux and I went to the fourth session of Prude Ranch summer camp 2015 as a city slicker (which are the older kids). I’ll go day-by-day explaining, in detail, what happened each day. First day was Sunday, getting settled into our new cabins. My cabinet was a Harmony one. I didn’t know anyone there except for my friend Macy and Becca and I couldn’t wait to meet lots of new friends. I got unpacked and settled in finally, got to know everyone in my cabin—it was very exciting! I was really looking forward to seeing what horse I had for the rodeo and going for the two weeks! The next day (Monday) we kinda got more organized. We got our schedules for the first week of our daily activities and our rest period. My activities were swimming, funny Farm, Soccer, and, finally, archery. Later Monday night, it was Branding night. This is where all the first years come for the first time at Prude Ranch to get their butts burned by the fire! It sure was exciting because, since I was older, I was a city slicker so we have more damages and we tried to catch the little kids so they can get their booties burned! (it doesn’t hurt as bad as it sounds)! Anyways, it was Tuesday early that morning we got up for activities at 7:15. We went hitching post and prayed. At 7:45 we went and ate breakfast. After breakfast, our daily routine was to go to cabin clean-up and get ready for the first activity—Hold on!—let me just pause my story—I’m going to skip ahead advance to the next Sunday because it’s partly the same routine every day plus we have riding at three and we are separated into three writing groups which we switch off what time should we ride. Sunday was pretty exciting. We got to go and horseback ride at the Deep pond. It was pretty dang fun! After a couple hours that we continue with a regular day after going to lunch we went and slept for a few hours. We practice barrels and another form of pole bending! I ride at home so I know the whole routine of rodeo! On Wednesday we went to Balmoray pool and that was pretty exciting and we spent the night there and swam all the day while the wranglers cooked this amazing dinner and lunch and breakfast! I was very grateful for the amazing cooking! On Thursday, it’s called Dr. Pepper day and that’s when we ride into town on horses (it’s 6 miles in town). Then right through the town grab a Dr. Pepper and head back. It sounds more fun than I’m saying it but it’s still great time the Dr. Peppers’ all nice and cold for your throat because it’s all dry from the summer hot sun. Then the final full day of camp Friday. This day is the rodeo and all of us were super excited but also sad because it meant the end of camp was near. My horse’s name is Streak and he was super-fast! He won me a Prude Ranch buckle. I’m so proud of him, I love him—not just because he won me the buckle, but because of his personality. He is 16 years old but has a little kid personality. I loved it! Then finally Saturday is when we checked out, go over stuff, and packed up. It’s very sad to have to say goodbye to all my good friends I met, but I can email them or text them! We have a skit prepared to entertain our parents. Our skit was about the horses of Prude Ranch. It was super funny! We won the Beske award then we won a little carved wood with our awards on it. It’s super creative and fun! It was a sad day to say goodbye to everyone but I was glad to be home with all my animals and family and I hope to see all my friends next year and counselors!”

Thanks again for your submission, Cheyenne! It’s great to hear that your summer camp stay was so much fun! To anyone else who may be interested in Prude Ranch, check it out for yourself some time. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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