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Casting a New Kind of Contest

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Hello, Camp Folks!

Our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp has been an annual contest we’ve held for the past five years and it’s always seen great success! It’s usually not until camp sessions are over when we start asking kids to write down their stories or other memories they’d like to share with us and have published here on the Blog. This year, we’re not waitin’!

We’re actually changing the ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest. But don’t worry—it’s not going away! We’re blowing it up! I’ll break it down simply. Check it out:

Here’s How it Used to Work
We asked all of you campers out there for your submissions about how your camp stay went—a story, your favorite activity, your new best friend, etc. Our usual amount of entries would pour in between the end of July and all through August. And, by the time September rolled by, we were announcing the winners of the contest. We would have ten winners who received four tiers of gift certificate prizes and all participants got a $15 gift certificate.

Here are the New Rules
We’re putting an end to it as a single contest and ‘Share Your Camp Story’ is graduating to an all-encompassing monthly contest! Each month we’ll have a sort of prompt to tell you what sort of submission to write. Each month, we’ll pick a $100 winner and a $25 winner. Everyone else who submits will get 1000 S’more Bucks.  

Our deadline for our latest Share Your Camp Story monthly contest is Sunday, May 31. As your planning goes on for sending your own kid to camp, you may find yourself reminiscing about your own summer fun from all those years back! We’d love to hear about it. Start writing! You have the rest of May to send in your stories. Submit here if you're ready now!

And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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