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Camp Logos Are Back

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Half the fun of owning a trunk can be dressing it up. Your camp trunk can speak volumes about you when you decorate it in your style. Just by trimming your trunk, you can tell people what your favorite color is, what kind of music you listen to, or where you go to summer camp—if you have trunk decals of your summer camp’s logo.

Everything Summer Camp is happy to say that our camp logos are back! Unfortunately we had to get rid of them due to issues with our Web becket logo

See, we launched a new Web site nearly one year ago. We were well aware that it’s very normal to receive some issues with a new Web site—we had a lot! Hopefully, you didn’t encounter too many of them. Everything Summer Camp offers its most sincere apologies for any and all inconveniences that our Web site problems may have caused you.

Trust me, we weren’t unaware of the issues our site had, but allow me to reassure you that we’ve been very hard at work to remedy the problems. One of the problems occurred with our camp logo decals which was the reason for their hiatus.

But now they’re back in all their glory! Your chances have been revisited to have a Longhorn logo adorn the top of your camp trunk, to show your camp pride for Camp Prude Ranch, or decorate your trunk with a Camp Dudley logo.

We need permission from each summer camp to use their logo, thus they can’t all be available. What we recommend is you try to find your camp on our Web site: click ‘Select this Camp’ and visit ‘Trunk Decorating’ found under the main category. If your camp’s logo is available, you’ll see it there.

If you didn’t find your camp’s logo, contact your camp and ask them if they would send the artwork for their camp logo to our Sales Director at Everything Summer Camp using this address—

Till next time, Campers!


- John
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