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Camp in Comfort—Cabin Comfort

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Camp is awesome, of course, but it CAN be a challenging environment for kids to catch some solid Zzz’s throughout the night. The surroundings are unfamiliar. There are new noises. And minds are racing in excitement for the coming day. Some kids have a hard time winding down for a restful night. Bring the comfort of home to your bunk area at summer camp with the Cabin Comfort brand.

It was a handful of years back when we first realized here at Everything Summer Camp that parents didn’t have a great option for quality sheets and bedding that could fit the bed sizes at summer camps: cot, twin, and XL twin. We hated the thought of campers having to deal with rough, scratchy bedding during their time away from home. Cabin Comfort to the rescue!

This new brand was received with overwhelming positivity. Campers loved the softness and comfort of the sheets, reporting restful nights comparable to the kind they get at home! We’re pleased to say, that Cabin Comfort has expanded their line this year to include other accessories of cabin life like mattress pads, blankets, and towels…

Pad Power
Add an extra layer of comfort to your camper’s bunk and ensure solid nights of sleep with the Egg-Crate Mattress Pad. Sizes for cot and twin, these soft and durable mattress pads are constructed of memory foam!

Cozy Covers
Make chilly summer evenings lounging in your cabin or gathered around the campfire that much more enjoyable with a comfy blanket made of premium-quality materials that feel soft, cozy, and warm.

Towel Time
Towels are a must at summer camp. Made from high-quality materials, QWiCKdry towels are soft, absorbent, and quick-drying, making them perfect for after-swim showers or a day at the lake.

Keep cozy at camp with towels and bedding options from the Cabin Comfort brand this coming summer camp season. Check out our entire selection of Cabin Comfort products, available right here at Everything Summer Camp. You won't be disappointed! Thanks for reading, Camp Fans! As always, Happy Camping!


- John

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