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Camp Champ Emme H.

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Continuing our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest, we’re excited to share each submission on the Blog. Everyone who submitted receives a $15 gift certificate and seven lucky winners will receive larger prizes of $25, $50, and the grand prize of $100. Today features the fourth winner of our $25 gift certificate. And the winner is….Named appropriately, this camp is full of winners like Emme.

Emme H.!

Congratulations, Emme! You’re our fourth $25 prize winner! Emme had a great summer stay at Camp Champions this year as she took a step up into her new role as a third-year MIDI. Read all about it in her entry—chock full of camp pride!

This is my 3rd year and my first year as a MIDI. This meant that I have to take more risks (one of the 4 R’s at camp) because there are harder activities in this group. Because I wasn’t new, I was very comfortable at camp (P.S. I LOVE IT THERE! I made new friends (though I came with 4 great ones from Houston). I helped a girl, Kylie, who didn’t know anyone make new friends and included her in our group. She was one of my best friends at camp. I loved trying new things… I stood on a 20′ pole and my goal was to reach a trapeze about 5′ away. I didn’t reach it, but I will next year! I also tried the SCREAMER- It is 2 poles and you are attached with rope and they drop you and you swing. SO FUN!!! I also, zip lined, water skied, swam in the lake, danced, arts and crafts (favorite part was making our plaque for our cabin!). I learned Responsibility, Reaching out, taking Risks, and being Respectful.. I LOVE Camp Champions for all it gives me. I am so happy to be going again next year (my parents already paid!) and my little brother is going too!!

Thanks again for your submission, Emme. Sounds like camp was a blast and you’re graciously moving into a more mature period of your life—it’s exciting! For anyone else interested in Camp Champions, you can check it out right here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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