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Black Friday Sales Early Arrival

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Hey, Eager Camp Shoppers!

November is here! And that means Black Friday Sales are visible on the horizon! They’re approaching fast so be ready! We’re ready…though no one can be sure what this year of Black Friday sales will bring! Due to the circumstances of the world right now in 2020, online shopping is expected to rise to an unprecedented height for the holiday shopping season. This expectation has compelled businesses to start the season early in order to keep up with the volume of orders they receive.

In other words, it’s Black Friday come early!

Black Friday has already evolved into something different from what it originally was. First it was strictly the Friday after Thanksgiving—the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season. However, the Black Friday store opening hours soon crept into the previous day, giving way to what was called Grey Thursday. Then the world of online shopping wanted in on the action and so Cyber Monday was born.

You can read about the beginnings of Black Friday on a previous post when you click right here

It’s changing big-time this year with online shopping expected be higher than the world’s ever seen and a major drop of in-store visits. Our sales for Black Friday will begin on November 15. Start shopping our awesome Black Friday deals two weeks in advance! And thanks to our Price Adjustment Policy, you can get shopping even earlier than that and still be able to get amazing deals. Read about our Price Adjustment from this informative post from last week when you click right here.

So start right now if you like or at your earliest convenience. Hop on over to our online store and start loading up your cart! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


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