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Black Friday Shopping

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Hey, Shoppers!

It’s time, once again, to make stuffing and roast turkeys in our ovens! And you know what that means! Thanksgiving is here, of course. This year’s Thanksgiving holiday, however, is packing twice the punch that it has in the past because Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier every year. So early, it’s part of Thanksgiving. Tis the season to be shopping!

Black Friday got its start in Philadelphia during the early 60’s. It was called Black Friday because of the thick, disorderly traffic (of vehicles and pedestrians) that filled the streets. Black Friday started to catch on in other places and on a more national level by 1975. It’s shot up in the ranks of busiest shopping days throughout the years, but it’s really gotten crazy in the last few.

Five or six in the morning used to be pretty early for retailers to open their doors, but in 2011 this was taken to an extreme when a handful of stores opened at midnight for the first time. Black Friday has steadily been the busiest shopping day of the year. The crowded shopping day has only increased in popularity over the years. The shoppers are typically aggressive, ruthless, even violent!black friday sale sign

How can you reap the benefits of amazing sales on Black Friday while still steering clear of unbelievably massive crowds? Try finding some good sales online. Everything Summer Camp is slashing their prices in response to Black Friday. Online shopping is a great alternative to ridiculously overgrown and even dangerous crowds.

Camp trunks, trunk accessories, and an endless list of summer camp supplies and camping gear make for great Christmas gifts. Shop around on the Everything Summer Camp Web site this Black Friday to find great deals on quality products and avoid all those crazy crowds!


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