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Bee from NYC

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Your camp stories were great this year! It was lots of fun to read through them all and now I’m excited to share them with all our readers online! We’re posting each submission right here on the Blog! Since I’ve finished announcing our ten lucky winners who took larger prizes, I’ve moved on to the rest of your submissions. The following post is from Bee B. who wrote in to tell us about her summer days at Camp Mohawk. Here it is:

I love living in New York City, however, every summer I look forward to going to summer camp! Getting there is always a challenge, but not this year because I got a soft trunk from Everything Summer Camp! It fit everything I needed for two weeks of camp and it even helped me stay organized! The best part about it was how easy it was to travel with! I had to get on and off two trains and get a car service and, this year, it was a breeze! Once I got to camp, I easily unpacked and got ready to enjoy two weeks of the outdoors! After I unpacked, the first thing I had to do was to take the swim test. I was so nervous about not getting blue swimmer, and hopeful I would even maybe get green. I had so many butterflies in my stomach, I lost count. I really wanted to be a blue swimmer so I could be in the same swim class as my best friend. After I tested, they told me that I had gotten blue, I was thrilled! And the next day, I was even able to re-test, and get green, which is the highest level of swimmer! Another great memory I have of my camp, is the first time I learned how to canter, and jump on a horse! The first time I jumped, it was an amazing feeling of pride and accomplishment! Those memories were bold because of the amazing surrounding I have at camp! From best friends to counselors, I am always in an amazing, friendly, and safe environment!

Sounds like your summer at Camp Mohawk went swimmingly *wink*! It’s great to hear that you had such a productive summer stay this year. Way to go in your swim class, Bee! And thanks for your submission! If anybody else is interested in YMCA Camp Mohawk, you can give it a closer look by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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