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Balancing Video Games and Outdoor Time

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Hey, Gamers!

Today is Video Game Day. The same with National Cupcake Day and National Compliment Day, you don’t need the holiday in order to celebrate. You can feel free to eat cupcakes, give compliments, or play video games on any day you please. These odd holidays are simply little reminders to participate in these small things in life that we may love. It’s great to have something nice to say to people, it’s wonderful to eat a cupcake! And it’s tons of fun to play a good video game!

My brother and Operations Manager here at Everything Summer Camp, known to some as Brian, has always been on the crest of the latest and greatest in the world of video games. Since Brian is my older brother, I got to play with all his latest ‘toys’! It was great growing up in a house that always had the newest and up-to-date gaming console and the coolest video games.

Even now in our adult years, Bri still has the very top of gaming technology before anybody else. And, of course, he still shares his toys with me to show me the cusp in the latest thing like his in-home arcade machine and his virtual reality headset. I can’t believe how far gaming has come in our modern day, but it’s some pretty cool stuff!     

As fun as video games can be, however, they’re certainly no match for the real world that we experience through our five senses. I’m not telling you not to play any video games today or any other day, but make sure to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in your backyard, a friend’s place, a park, the beach, a woodsy trail, or wherever else you like to spend your time outdoors.

We offer tons of gear and apparel that can help you get the most out of your time outside. Enjoy shopping our site, enjoy your games, and enjoy the outdoors! As always, thanks for reading, Folks!


- John


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