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Compliment Someone Today

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Hey, all of you shining Blog Readers!

What’s the best way to spread your natural sunshine? By telling everybody else how much they shine! And, while any day is good for giving out unexpected compliments, today is an especially great day for sharing pleasant remarks with one another because it’s National Compliment Day.

National Compliment Day was founded by Kathy Chamberlin as well as Debby Hoffman in 1998. Their reasoning behind Compliment Day was to give people a reminder that compliments are an easy, pleasant, and positive way to make a quick connection with somebody else. After all, who doesn’t love receiving compliments?

We may not all be as practiced at giving people compliments as we could be. It’s not something that people always remember to do for each other. That’s why we have a holiday to remind ourselves to do it. But fear not! I’m here to give you some tips on complimenting.

First of all, you have to mean what you’re saying. So, as to keep from cheapening the holiday, you don’t want come off as being insincere. How do you come off being sincere? BE SINCERE! Don’t just run around telling everyone how much you like their shirt or shoes or hair. It doesn’t matter how many people you compliment if none of them actually meant anything to you.

If you really are thinking about how great someone’s shirt is, then by all means, compliment that person on the shirt—because you mean it. The point is that you want to say something that’s going to make somebody smile. If you can’t think of something, don’t worry about it. No compliment is better than a cheap, forced one.

It’s also good to keep in mind today (and any day) that you may be complimented. Some people are even less practiced at receiving compliments than they are at giving them. You certainly don’t want to disagree with a compliment and make the other person feel bad about having said something nice! Accept compliments graciously with a simple, “thank you.”

You should also avoid volleying a compliment right back as it depreciates the original remark.

So go put some smiles on some faces and give people the gift of positivity! It’s sure to make their day as well as yours. Till next time, Readers!

- John

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