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You Will Want To Write Home On This Awesome Stationery

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Everybody wants to write home when they’re away at summer camp—it’s only natural to want to tell your family and friends back home what a fantastic time you’re having at camp! You always want your letters to be neat, honest, and well-received. On that last note is where we come in at Everything Summer Camp. We carry great, camp-themed and camp-convenient stationery from two different suppliers—Paper So Pretty as well as Seal N’ Send Stationery.

Your words are sure to leap off the page when you write home from summer camp on this Designer Stationery Set from Paper So Pretty which can be found right here at Everything Summer Camp. Imagine the treat it will be for your family to receive such cool mail! Each kit contains ten pretty pieces of paper, ten envelopes, and a pen. Make your letters home cute and so pretty!

Or you can go the other route. Get yourself a Seal N’ Send notebook. With forty pseal n senderforated sheets you won’t run out of paper anytime soon unless you’re J.K. Rowling and, chances are, you could write everyone you know at least a couple times (unless you know as many people as J.K. Rowling probably does). All you do is write, tear, fold, and seal it with the provided stickers…or maybe a kiss depending on who’ll be receiving the letter.

If you’re one to stay organized, then you might want to check out the Storage Clipboard for your stationery and accessories. It’ll do everything but write your letters for you. Write on the surface, then tuck your letter away in the convenient storage bin under the hinged lid. It’ll hold your stationery, pens, stamps, envelopes, and whatever else you need to say hi to the folks back home.

That’s all for today’s post, Camp Fans!


- John



P.S. Have a blast at camp!

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