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You Will Make Many New Friends At Camp

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Hey, Campers!

There’s a lot that can be said about summer camp, but first and foremost, you can say that camp is FUN! It’s literally designed for fun with activities, teamwork, and most of all making friends. In fact, making friends is one of the most important parts about camp!

The act of making friends at camp may sound daunting or even a little scary to some of us who may be on the shier side, but making friends at camp is actually one of the easiest parts of your summer camp stay.

As easy as it is, making friends truly is the ticket to enjoying your camp stay. Once you make friends with your cabin mates (which starts happening instantly) you have a band of people that you can talk to, laugh with, play with, and do everything else with for the remainder of your stay!

Socializing and getting to know the other kids around you naturally keeps your mind focused on your enjoyment of camp and you really don’t think about how much you miss your dog or wish you were home. It’s the best way to prevent homesickness! Sure, you still miss home, you just don’t dwell on it.

Sharpening your social skills and making friends is what summer camp’s all about! A good camp provides a world in which kids meet kids on neutral ground and respect one another. Whether it takes teamwork to finish a task or simply joining in on a mean game of Capture-the-Flag, connecting to the community of your camp will impart life lessons to you.

Socialization and friendships may be what camp is all about, but it’s also about you getting to know YOURSELF better. See, when you’re away from mom and dad, you make decisions differently. You even behave differently and may discover things about yourself that you didn’t even realize were there. Making new friends at camp is made possible by these discoveries and certainly helps fuel them too.

Thanks for reading, Campers!


- John


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