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You Got it at Wyonegonic!

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

Of course we love singing our own praises here at Everything Summer Camp (we do it all the time!). But we also like to share the spotlight with other organizations too. Whether they’re the hip brand names whose cool products are available on our website or the summer camps themselves, we love giving them a little time to shine on our Blog. Today we’re swinging our spotlight to the east coast on Wyonegonic Camps for girls.

Wyonegonic Camps are a great place for young women to discover a different side of life.

Girls at Wyonegonic from ages 8 to 18 are treated to 700 acres of pine forest as well as two miles of shoreline where they can get a great sense of privacy and isolation. Wyonegonic is the oldest camp for girls in the country that has run without skipping a beat since 1902.

Three separate camps comprise Wyonegonic Camp and each one is designed for the individual needs and interest of the campers. Each of the camps form their own intimate community of a size that’s just right for creating meaningful friendships!

Wyonegonic is a camp where girls learn about themselves in a non-competitive atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of friendship in the simplicity of the outdoors.

They enjoy activities like Archery and Riflery, Basketball, Tennis, and Volleyball. There are Challenge Courses and Outdoor Skills, Wilderness Trips, Horseback Riding, and fun on the water, like Kayaking, Sailing, Swimming, Windsurfing, and more! Feed your creative soul at Wyonegonic too! From Paper Mache to Pottery as well as Music, Dance, Drama, and much more!

Cabin life is rustic and simple. The screen windows admit the breeze from the water inside for an incredibly pleasant living quarters (shutters close at night and in poor weather). With no electricity, campers and staff alike use flashlights and battery-powered lanterns after sundown. And, not far from the cabins, are camper shower facilities and a toilets.

If Wyonegonic sounds like a great fit for your daughter, give it a further look on their own website. You can check it out by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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