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Hey, Uncanny Kids!

While we tend to deal in steel here at Everything Summer Camp, today we’re talking about tin—CANS to be specific. Happy Tin Can Day! Did you know that the invention of the Tin Can dates all the way back to 1810? This is a day reserved for the one and only Tin Can which brought about a revolution in the way food was able to be stored and preserved.

Likely found in any household, tin cans may not be so much a summer camp thing (though I’m sure there are plenty of canned items in your camp’s kitchen), but in the general world of camping, canned food provides a quick, easy meal that’s incredibly convenient. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It’s lightweight for easy portability. And it’s shelf-life that goes on and on!

But before it became a camping convenience, it was a major relief to those who didn’t have access to or were unable to afford fresh fruits and vegetables. Back when it was first invented, food wasn’t nearly as centralized as it is now. This invention meant that foods which were harvested according to their natural peak times could be eaten no matter the season.

On top of bringing relief to those in areas with limited access to food, the Tin Can gave people the opportunity to taste foods they never were able to before. Foods could be shipped from far away so somebody from a place with a cold climate could try pineapple and peaches.

Despite its creation in 1810, it was a half a century later that the can opener was invented. Up until 1858, people had to hack, chop, or chisel their cans open! Can you imagine?!

Enjoy the convenience of the Tin Can today. Thanks for reading. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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