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*YAWN* The Festival…of…Zzzzzzz

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Hey, Sleepyheads!

You know the phrase, ‘You Snooze; You Lose’? Well, you know what you’re more likely to lose if you AREN’T snoozing?—a good night’s sleep! Obviously, not getting a sufficient night of sleep can be extremely detrimental to your ability to function the next day. In honor of today—the Festival of Sleep—let’s sharpen our understanding of the many ways sleep helps us out. We all need a good night of sleep to properly function the next day.










Here are five different things a night of good sleep can do for us:

Helps You Remember
Give your memory a boost with some good sleep! Be sure to study before your big test the next day, but—just as important—be sure to get a full night of rest too! Whatever it is you’re studying for, you’ll be able to remember it better after you get a good night’s sleep!
Sleep prepares your body for physical toll.
Improves Athleticism
Sleep is proven to improve average sprint time, increase stamina, and decrease fatigue throughout the day. A Stanford University study on their football players saw that those who slept at least 10 hours a night for seven to eight weeks resulted in athletic improvements.

Helps Your Body Lose Weight
Another study was done on people who were dieting. Half of the group was well rested and the other half was sleep deprived. They lost similar amounts of weight no matter how they slept, but those who were better rested lost fat while the others just lost muscle mass.

Helps You Avoid Feelin’ Blue
People tend to be irritable the day after a bad night of sleep. When night after night of poor sleep compounds and accumulates, it can definitely contribute to an unhealthy mind. Poor sleep habits can certainly contribute to depression. Stay emotionally stable with long nights of solid sleep.

Makes You a Better Driver
It was reported in 2009 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that sleepy drivers made up the vast majority of fatal car crashes. Getting enough sleep makes you a more alert and reactive driver.

Be sure to hit the snooze when you need some extra sleep and enjoy a good nap today in celebration of the Festival of Sleep. As always, thanks…for…*yawn*…reading.


- JohnSleep is essential for everybody!

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