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Wonderful Camp Waldemar

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Hey, Camp Folks!

You know what I always love talking about on this Blog? It’s all the excellent summer camps that we work with at Everything Summer Camp. Having developed some great relationships with more than 250 summer camps, we like to post about them pretty often. And given the title of our ‘Summer Camp Spotlight’ Blog posts, today we’re aiming our spotlight on Camp Waldemar for girls.Waldemar is a great camp to send your girl!Situated within a 1200 acre valley in the hill country of Southwest, Texas, Waldemar graces its girls with beautiful natural landscapes. Winding through the valley is the Guadalupe River framed by many, regal cypress trees. Such majesty lends a helping hand to create an intimate setting for young women to discover who they are and how they fit into the world and their communiLook at these loving little lambs!ty.

You’re sure to have a blast at Waldemar with all the Land Sports they offer like Outdoor Adventures, Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Golf, Fencing, Gymnastics and more. Make a splash this summer with fun Canoeing and Kayaking trips as well as lessons in Form Swimming and Synchronized Swimming. And you can spend quieter times learning the art of Ceramics, Drama, Dance, Drawing, Journalism, and other fun Crafts!

Nestled in the Texan hills are Waldemar’s beautiful facilities. Named with the same style as their architecture, the Bella Vista, Alamedo, and Ranch House boast a great collection of artwork from Mexican, Native American, and Old West cultures. The girls stay in cozy cabins that Waldemar campers know as ‘Kampongs’.

They’re not exactly “roughin’ it” in these excellent lodgings that include private bathrThey won't exactly be "roughin' it".ooms decorated with Spanish tile mosaics and Saltillo tile floors,  bedrooms with four bunk beds, air-conditioning, and either a front porch or a courtyard that connect the  kampongs to each other. Campers are awarded daily points for keeping their clothes and belongings tidy and pitching in with housekeeping duties.

Get into the Waldemar Spirit! If it sounds like the right place for your daughter, check out their website sometime. A great place to camp since 1926, talk to your camper about Camp Waldemar and, as always, thanks for reading!

Crazy fun awaits in this serene setting!


- John


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