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Wise Guys of the ‘Wiser Cracks’ Webinar Series

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 Hey, Camp Families!

We’re more than just camping gear here at Everything Summer Camp. Our goal is to provide you with everything your camper needs in order to get the most out of the summer camp experience. That means providing you with more than just camping gear. After all, we can’t sell you a healthy relationship with your kid or an immunization to homesickness.

But what we can do is give you tips and advice about how to achieve these desired intangibles.

We’ve teamed up with Dr. Chris Thurber, child psychologist and summer camp expert, to help us weigh in on ways to help your child feel comfortable about camp. Dr. Thurber—a father (and former summer camper/cabin leader) himself—imparts brilliant parenting tips to reinforce a genuine understanding between you and your child.

Dr. Chris Thurber talks about staying in touch with friends online after camp is over.Alongside Mark Sieglaff, friend to Chris and Vice President of Everything Summer Camp, the two of them host the ‘Wiser Cracks’ webinar series which is co-produced by Everything Summer Camp as well as Expert Online Training, a company co-founded by Chris that imparts an excellent education to youth leaders.

Tune in on scheduled evenings for these engaging 30-minute discussions of Mark Sieglaff---co-host of the 'Wiser Cracks' webinar series.realistic practical parenting tactics. These webinars teach you to read between the lines and see what your kid is really saying when they’re speaking the code. You’ll also learn valuable responses that soothe upset feelings and strengthen your connection.

Glean positive and practical advice on how to communicate with your kid when you check out all the previous installments for this smart series. Click on any of the links right here to watch older sessions of the ‘Wiser Cracks’ series like How to Talk to Kids About Tough Topics, Rules were made to be positive, Cracking Kids Secret Code, Better Ways to Deal With Bullies, and Top 10 Camp Prep Tips.

Be sure to register and attend upcoming ‘Wiser Cracks’ webinars like, ‘More Camp Prep Tips’, ‘Conducting Family Meetings’, and ‘Helping Awkward Kids Fit In’ and you could win some awesome prizes from Everything Summer Camp! Enjoy developing a better communication with your child and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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