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A Winning Camp—Camp Woodmont

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Hey, Camp Folks!

We work with over 250 summer camps with whom we’ve developed special relationships, here at Everything Summer Camp. We’re proud of that fact and so we frequently enjoy featuring each of those camps in their own Blog post. We call them our ‘Summer Camp Spotlight’ posts and, today, we’re swinging our spotlight south on Camp Woodmont for boys and girls.Look at Camp Woodmont for your next summer camp experience!Situated on top of Lookout Mountain in Northwest Georgia, the natural setting and complimentary facilities create a wonderful camp spirit throughout all 170 acres of hardwood forests, beautiful pastures, the green, rolling meadows, along with plenty of protective shade from the sun at Camp Woodmont. These campgrounds are a giant playground for kids—made of magical beauty and the encouragement to grow.

Campers at Camp Woodmont will have a blast with an assortment of traditional activities at summer camp such as Archery, Ball Sports and Field Games, OutdGet into the camp spirit at Camp Woodmont!oor Adventuring, Ropes Course, Wall Climbing, Zip Lining, Horseback Riding, Golf, Fishing, Canoeing, Swimming, and so much more.

But Woodmont makes time to squeeze in some of their own traditional activities like Splashmat Contests, Puddle Jumping, Painting Horses, Life-Size Game of Clue, Mummy Mummy, and more!

Blessed with scenic rock formations and a small lake, Camp Woodmont has built on this land with careful consideration to work in harmony with the natural setting since they were first founded by Mr. and Mrs. “B” (Jane and Jim Bennett) in 1981. The campgrounds, now complete, with a Dining Hall, Nurse’s Clinic, Gym, Swimming Pool, Athletic Field, Mini-Golf Course, Cabins, and more provide a peaceful place where kids have the time of their lives!

All of the cabins at Woodmont Cozy cabins at Camp Woodmont.provide electricity for the campers and the bathhouses are very close by. Each Woodmont camper is assigned to a cabin based on age. The campers then select their own bunk bed and shelf for personal items. The cabins each house 6-8 campers as well as a cabin leader.

If Camp Woodmont sounds like it might just be the right camp for your kid, get a closer look at them right here on their website and, as always, thanks for reading!
Join the gang on the mountain top at Camp Woodmont and have a blast this coming summer!


- John


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