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Why Send Your Son to Summer Camp?

Today’s world is becoming more complex each day. Children are exposed to many different lifestyles and values and must choose among them.

At Camp Laney we emphasize many traditional values, and our staff and program are directed toward helping each boy lead a happier, richer and more fulfilling life. The camp activities will provide your son with some of his most exciting boyhood memories. He will talk about his adventures at camp for years to come.

IMG_9647With the successes he experiences in his activities, a boy’s self-confidence grows daily. Living as part of a group, a boy learns to give and take, and get along with his counselors and cabinmates. Away from home, he becomes more responsible for himself and his belongings.

Surrounded by rugged natural beauty, many boys begin to appreciate the outdoors for the first time.

The most rewarding aspect of camp is the warm friendships that develop between the campers and between the campers and staff. The staff is the most important aspect of any camp. Our senior staff members must have completed a year of college. These young men serve as models for our campers. We are looking for young men of outstanding character who are mature, have a natural liking and ability to get along with boys, and have the ability to teach a skill. Camp is a growing and educational experience. We sincerely feel that by sending your son to camp you are making a priceless investment in his future.




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