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Who's up for Huawni?!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Summer’s on its way! And as the season approaches, the question must soon be answered—what camp will you be attending? Take a look at the summer camps we’ve previously featured on the Everything Summer Camp Blog and enjoy reading about another one today!Get the Huawni experience and give it a good look here on today's post.

We’re shining our summer camp spotlight over to the Lone Star State of Texas where Camp Huawni has sat on more than 100 acres ever since 1965. That’s when Earl Adams came along to the piney woods of eastern Texas where he achieves his lifelong dream of starting a summer camp! An educator all his life, Earl wanted to provide children with another experience beyond school—one in which the kids didn’t feel so tied down and felt free to explore their personalities!

Earl—or ‘Daddy Earl’ as he’s called around the campgrounds—proceeded to cut down logs, build cabins, and dig an enormous hole for a swimming pool. And when he was done he named the site Camp Huawni, named after the small Cherokee Tribe that previously inhabited the land.

His hard work provides kids with a plethora of fun including Swimming in the pool or enjoying the thrill of the waterslide and zip line that drops you in the waters of Critter Pond. You can also enjoy such fun as Archery, Arts & Crafts, Basketball Point Challenge, Capture-the-Flag, Dodgeball, Frisbee Golf, Hiking, Sand Volleyball, Soccer, Wiffleball, and more!

Living in a cabin with about ten other campers promotes face-to-face communication, collaboration, and creativity. The charm of summer sounds from the crickets and frogs sing Huawni campers to sleep each night with a breathtaking view of the night sky right outside your bunk window. With way less light pollution than the city, the stars shine like you may have never seen before at Camp Huawni.

Take some time to look into Camp Huawni for yourself if it sounds like it could be a good fit for your camper and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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