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Who’s a Fan of Junk Food Day?

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Hey, Food Lovers!

Today is a day dedicated entirely to indulging ourselves in delicious dinners, desserts, and other tasty treats that are absolutely UNhealthy for us! Today is National Junk Food Day. Whether it’s a sweet tooth that you’re looking to satisfy or a scrumptious salty snack, today is definitely the day to do it!A smorgasbord of sweet treats, salty treats, some salty and sweet treats for National Junk Food Day

I don’t know about you but everyone here at Everything Summer Camp certainly gets a hankerin’ for sweet and salty treats from time to time!

Glorified, junk food certainly has a soft spot in everyone’s heart. Who can resist the call of a cool ice cream treat or the fiery desire of fast food French fries? We all know that, as far as nutritional value is concerned, junk food does absolutely nothing for us (and actually works against us); but despite our understanding, Junk Food—we still love you.

After all, would a trip to the theater be the same without your choice of popcorn, candy, or soda? Would a nightly snack be the same if it was just some stalks of celery? NO WAY, MAN! You want to walk on the wild side. You want something with some calories to it, something that’s got the potential to cause some cavities, right? I mean, what are you brushing your teeth for, anyway?

While it’s perfectly fine to indulge in junky foods from time to time, it’s important to keep these foods away from your everyday. The occasional unhealthy treat may be fun, but not so much a mouthful of cavities. Moderation is the beauty of junk food—not to mention the basic definition behind the word ‘treat’.

Just as a trip to the movies isn’t the same without junk food, junk food isn’t the same if you eat it every day. In fact, your moderation of junk food directly affects your appreciation of it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and (in this case) the stomach grow hungrier. Treat yourself today and enjoy your junk food with moderation!

Thanks for reading.


- John

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