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HALT! Who Goes Mare?

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Hey, Summer Campers!

Welcome back for our second installment of our fresh, new Everything Summer Camp Blog category, Summer Camp Activities. In these posts, I’ll review the basics of specific activities that you may find at your summer camp and see just what exactly it is that kids like so much about these fun and campy pastimes.

Today, I’m speaking to all you equestrians out there as well as anyone who has no experience but lots of interest in riding on the back of mankind’s other best friend. Today, we’re talking horses!At the right camp, you'll have the opportunity to ride on, cowboys and cowgirls!

Horseback Riding is a display of mastering the partnership between yourself and your horse. It’s a sport that works the rider’s core muscles and builds abdominal strength, as well as strength in back and pelvic muscles. It sharpens coordination as well as stability and increases focus on anticipating the motion of the horse.

But as you can see from this young woman’s account, Horseback Riding isn’t just good for the body—it typically has a desirable mental effect as well, quieting the mind and bringing the rider to a meditative state of mindfulness:

Maddy M. shared with me how she has battled depression for years now, but one thing that always helps is going to see her horse, Bambi. “On my bad days I’ll go out there and she takes it all away like it doesn’t exist. She makes me feel free. When I’m on her back riding it’s like no one can touch me.”

Maddy’s description coincides with a common sense approach to explain the connection and peace of mind that riders tend to feel—when you’re riding, all you’re thinking about is riding. Riding and balancing. It induces a level of mindfulness that requires constant focus on the proper posture for riding. It makes sense that it quiets the mind.

Follow your heart. If you love horses, then I’m sure you’ll be sure to do some Riding this summer when you head off to your exciting camp experience. Find the Horseback Riding equipment you’ll need at Everything Summer Camp by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading, Riders—I mean, Readers!


- John


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