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Who Doesn’t Remember Dave Coulier?

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Hey, Campers!

I’m excited to talk about today’s Celebrity at Summer Camp as I, like most of America back in the day, watched him on Full House regularly. Put your hands together for Joey Gladstone himself, Mr. Dave Coulier! Always good for a laugh, the show often utilized Dave’s wild skills with impressions and impersonations—especially his signature Popeye—“Well, blow me down! Huk-uk-uk-uk-uk-uk!”

Dave Coulier discovered his gifts in impersonations early. He loved making his Come on now, Dave Coulier--Cut. It. laugh by doing impressions of the principal and other teachers and staff over the PA system. He, no doubt, got a lot of laughs out of his fellow campers at Camp Highlands back when he was a summer camper himself.

As his character on Full House also revealed another truth about himself, Joey was a huge hockey fan on the show while Dave played for his high school’s varsity team at Notre Dame High School in Michigan. There, Dave played alongside a kid named John Blum who would go on to play for the NHL.

Dave Coulier isn’t just responsible for bringing Joey Gladstone to life, but also for the voice behind so many beloved cartoon characters. He’s done voice work for the whole whole Ghostbusters series, Baby Animal and Baby Bunsen and some other characters on Muppet Babies. He’s worked for episodes of The Jetsons, Rude Dog and the Dweebs, Detention, and Teen Titans.

All of this work came prior to his role as Joey Gladstone in 1987. He continued to find other work during his eight years on Full House and after, such as hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos for a time and making a cameo in the Even Stevens Movie.

Dave also does stand-up comedy which is very much based around his skills as an impressionist. He’s also quite an entertaining harmonica player. Always stressing youth-oriented comedy and delivering family-friendly material, Dave has a reputation as one of the Clean Guys of Comedy.

So let’s hear it for Dave Coulier, but come on, now—seriously…Cut. It. Out. Alright.


- John


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