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Which star of Star Wars went to summer camp?

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Hey, Campers!

Were you born to hit the big time? Made for the spotlight? Are you dying to be on TV or in the movies?  If so, that’s one thing you have in common with the one and only, Ms. Natalie Portman. You know what else you have in common with her? The both of you went to summer camp!

Natalie went to the unique camp, Stage Door Manor in New York for her exciting Learn about Ms. Portman and her stay at summer camp.summer camp experience. Stage Door Manor Camp is just like any other summer camp, aside from the heavy concentration on theater involvement and the performing arts that they offer in their camp program.

Obviously, Natalie was interested in acting from an early age. Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Natalie’s parents (Shelley and Avner) moved to the United States when she was only three years old. Despite her young age by the time she moved to America, Natalie has always been fond of her birthplace. While she loves the United States, Natalie feels like Jerusalem is her true home.

When she was 13, Natalie took her first role in the action movie Léon. She played the part of an orphan who gets taken in by a man with a questionable occupation. Her real success, however, came to her suddenly when she turned 18 and was cast as Queen Amidala of the Star Wars prequels: Episodes I, II, and III.

In the same year that she started doing Star Wars, Natalie also enrolled at Harvard University where she studied psychology alongside her acting career—talk about juggling your education and career! She finished school two years before completing her role in the Star Wars prequels. Since then, her career has blossomed gracefully.

Natalie’s earned some awards for her work such as a Golden Globe, a Constellation Award, and a Saturn Award. Her dreams took her to summer camp and then to Hollywood! Where will camp and your dreams guide you?


- John


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