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Which Face? The North Face!

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Hey, Summer Camp Folks!

I’m thrilled to announce a brand name that’s new to our online store but certainly not new to anybody! The North Face, is an outdoor product manufacturer that has a heavy focus on apparel and other essential camping items like backpacks and sleeping bags.

The North Face saw it’s beginning thanks to two hiking enthusiasts who wanted toFind the awesome brand name of The North Face right here at the Everything Summer Camp shop! find a profitable way to involve their passion in their lives. By 1966, they’d set up their own little mountaineering store, selling quality gear to outdoorsy folks much like themselves. They weren’t calling themselves The North Face just yet, but they would in another couple years.

Named after the most unmerciful side of a mountain, The North Face brand prides themselves on creating the high-performance sportswear that’s required for such harsh settings. Utilizing the latest advancements in performance wear technology, The North Face took their business from a small shop to a worldwide brand that operates out of over 50 retail stores in the USA alone!

The brand grew rapidly thanks to the quality they produced. Not only do they put their products through a series of grueling lab tests to see how much their equipment can withstand, they also send their gear and apparel along with a team of expedition athletes out into the wilderness to give their products the challenge of the real deal! Feedback from their athlete team allows them to fine-tune their manufacturing methods and processes.

Everything Summer Camp is proud to carry a wide selection of high-quality camping and travel gear as well as top of the line outdoor apparel from The North Face brand. Ensure that this summer is safe, comfortable, and stylish with selections from our great selection that you can check out on our . And, as always, thanks for reading, Folks!


- John

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