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Which Dumb and Dumber Star Attended Summer Camp?

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Hey, Campers!

Show of hands—who here is a fan of Jeff Daniels? Obviously you can’t see it, but my hand is way up and I’m willing to bet that most other hands are raised up high too. Did you know that Jeff was a summer camper just like you when he was around your age?

You may remember Jeff from such films as 101 Dalmations, RV (a classic camping movie), Fly Away Home, and–of course–his calling card Dumb and Dumber.

He participated at Bruin Lake Boy Scout Camp where he learned valuable Jeff Daniels and his summer camp stay from back in the day.lessons to survive in the wilderness using tools and to listen to instructions. He learned about environmental conservation, community, being physically fit, academic studies, and sports.

His mother Marjorie gave birth to Jeff in Athens, Georgia in 1955. But her and her husband, Robert only stayed in Georgia for the first six weeks of Jeff’s life. After that they moved from the south and raised Jeff in Chelsea Michigan.

He went to Central Michigan University and was very involved with the theater program during his time there. When he was 21, Daniels decided to switch things up and focus solely on theater at the Eastern Michigan University drama school. There he participated in a special event called the Bicentennial Repertory program that really launched his acting career for the stage.

As for his stage acting, Jeff has been both on and off Broadway and has been nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor. He’s also been nominated four times for his performances on the screen.

He still lives in Michigan where he has founded a nonprofit theater company called the Purple Rose Theater Company. More than just an actor, Jeff is a playwright as well as a musician—a triple threat!

You can catch Jeff and his old buddy Jim Carrey as they reunite their old roles as Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber To.

Jeff learned a lot in Boy Scouts for his summer camp experience. What will yours bring you? That’s all for today, Camp Fans. Till next time.

- John


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