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Where did Scott Foley go to camp?

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Hey, Summer Campers!

Since SO MANY people go to summer camp every year, it should come as no surprise that people of all kinds end up attending summer camp—even big name Scott Foley filled his time at camp full of fun!Hollywood celebrities like Scott Foley went to camp once upon a time when they were closer to your age.

Maybe you know him best for his role as Bob Brown, the lead character in the television series, ‘The Unit’. Or maybe for his recurring role as Henry Burton in the television series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  Maybe you know him best as Roman Bridger from the third ‘Scream’ movie or maybe you know him better as Sean Kelly, Elliot Reid’s boyfriend on the sitcom ‘Scrubs’.

In any case, before he ever took on any such roles mentioned above, he went to summer camp at Red Arrow Camp. Located on Trout Lake in northern Wisconsin, this boys camp was founded in 1920 and has delivered the ultimate summer camp experience to other well-known people like Tommy Bartlett and Chris Farley.

Born in Kansas City, Scott was the oldest of three boys. When he was only 15, he lost his mother. Consequently, Scott ended up spending chunks of his childhood in places like Australia and Japan, following his father on business trips as an international banker.

Scott caught his break playing the character of Noel Crane on the television series ‘Felicity’ and continued to successfully broaden his acting career. But he didn’t stop there; he also tried his hand at directing. He got some good experience in, directing single episodes of television shows like ‘Felicity’ as well as ‘Monk’. He eventually wrote and directed his own film.

Quite an accomplished figure in Hollywood, Scott Foley attended summer camp and followed his interests and dreams. What will happen to you after camp? As always, thanks for reading, Campers.


- John


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