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Hey, Camp Wishers!

The Internet presents a world of online shops that aren’t necessarily geared so much to kids in terms of navigation or comprehension and children are typically discouraged from doing any shopping online.  But shopping isn’t just for the adults when you come to our website here at Everything Summer Camp. In fact, we recommend that kids peruse our online store themselves!

After all, sometimes they know best what camping gear they need to pick up, what they need more of, and what worked best from previous years.

Here at Everything Summer Camp, kids are welcome to pick out the things they think they need and they can put it all on the Wishlist tool on our site. Shop around for the gear and all the fun stuff we have without actually buying anything!

Our Wishlist tool works like a glorified catalog online! Instead of paging through a printed catalog and ‘circling’ all the goodies you find, simply click ‘Add to Wishlist’ on the product page of all the products you want. Beyond that, you can save your personalized designs for Trunks, Lid Skinz, Labels, Name Plax, Laundry Bags, and a bunch of other customizable products available on our website.

After you create your account with our website, you can save your Wishlist whenever you please. Hop on our site later on and continue adding to your list! You can even share your Wishlist with others so they can check out everything you picked out and maybe, if you play your cards right, they’ll treat you to a piece of gear or two—maybe your parents or Grandma and Grandpa perhaps (hint, hint).

Have a blast as you browse our website and collect all the gear you want to get on our handy Wishlist! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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