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What's Your Handwriting Say?

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Hey, Writers!

Happy Handwriting Day! Did you know that the way we write can reveal a lot about your personality? Things about your handwriting such as how large or small you write, how much space you leave between words, the general shapes of your letters, and more. Small handwriting, for instance, tends to come from someone who tends to be quiet, studious, and on the shy side whereas larger handwriting is a sign of a more outgoing person who loves the company of others.

Dotting All Your I’s

How do you dot your ‘i’s? It can say a lot about you.

  • A dot that’s hovering high above the body means there’s a good chance that you have a powerful imagination.
  • A slash above your ‘i’s means that you might be overly critical of yourself. You probably don’t have much tolerance for shortcomings
  • If you put your dot right over the ‘I’, then you’re likely detail-oriented, organized, and resolved in the things you say and do.
  • A circle over your ‘i’s may be a sign that you’re a child-like visionary or a dreamer.

Crossing Every T

  • If you put your cross at the very top of the ‘T’, it means you’re ambitious and positive with good self-esteem.
  • A cross in the middle of your ‘t’ means you’re likely confident and comfortable in any situation.
  • If you give your ‘T’s long crosses, it could mean that you’re determined and enthusiastic. It could also mean that you’re stubborn and have a hard time letting things go.
  • Short crosses, on the other hand, mean you may portray slothfulness and give up on projects or tasks prematurely.

Writing Pressure

  • If you write with heavy pressure, it could mean that you take things seriously. Excessive pressure could mean that you have a tendency to get stressed out.
  • Light Pressure, however, points to a more sensitive and empathetic personality.

So, did you know our handwriting could say so much about us? Did today’s Blog post teach you anything about yourself by the way you write? Investigate what other things about your handwriting might indicate about your personality by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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