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What's on Mark's Mind?

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Hey, Facebookers!

If you’re like nearly 60% of the U.S. population, then you likely have an account on Facebook. Y’know—Facebook, as in—the popular online social networking website that allows users with accounts to create profiles for themselves (as an online identity), upload pictures and videos, send messages to ‘friends’, and keep in touch relatives and colleagues whom you have ‘friended’ through the site.

Today’s Celebrity at Summer Camp Blog post focuses on someone we all know, but he isn’t the star of any movies, the member of any band, the athlete on any sports team, nor is he an artist, writer, or comic. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook. He’s been coined an Internet Entrepreneur thanks to his wild success with Facebook. And wouldn’t you know it—he went to summer camp too!Get the word about this human's time at summer camp.

Island Lake Camp is located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania. This picturesque camp is set on 550 acres that includes two large lakes where their many water sports are played. They have lots of trails too for their Equestrian, Mountain Biking, and Pioneering programs.

Interested in computers from a young age, his father taught him basic programming when he was in middle school. His advanced understanding got him some attention in his high school days. Jose Vargas, a writer who interviewed the young Mark Zuckerberg noted, “Some kids played computer games. Mark created them.”

With the help of roommates and friends during his time at Harvard University, Mark launched Facebook. At the time Facebook was only setup to network among Harvard’s dormitories. But its popularity quickly spread to surrounding campuses and soon stretched nationwide. As of three years ago, the number of Facebook users worldwide reached 1 billion. Mark became a billionaire by the age of 23.

Summer camp, no doubt, helped Mark somewhere along the way. How will summer camp help you?


- John


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