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What’s life without DESSERT?

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Hey, Dessert Devotees!

Desserts are made with lots of calories, lots of butter, lots of sugar, and, nutritionally speaking, work against our general health overall; but despite our understanding, we still love them. After all, who can resist the call of a cool ice cream treat or a delicious bite of delicate cake? Today is a day dedicated entirely to indulging ourselves in those rich, dark, delectable desserts. Today is Dessert Day.

Desserts will forever be glorified. There’s a soft spot for them in each and every Everybody may be screaming for ice cream, but cake's been around much longer than that cold treatone of our hearts. That goes without question.

It may surprise you to discover just how far back it goes that people have been making desserts. Believe it or not, the ancient Egyptians were pretty good bakers. It’s true—cake is thousands of years old! And that’s not the only dessert that has a history to it.

Egyptians are respEasy as pie is a strange phrase since it's far from easy to makeonsible for pies too. Pie was the answer for the Egyptians’ need of nutritious, long-lasting, easy-to-store and easy-to-transport food items that Egyptian sailors could take on long journeys. Pies started showing up some time around 9500 BC.

The end of the 17th Century is when Italians first started experimenting with freezing drinks for desserts. HIce cream hasn't been around for as long as cake and pie, but it's definitely rocked the dessert worldot chocolate had recently become a fast-favorite, standing alongside other popular drinks like coffee and tea. These became the first three ice cream flavors.

Cake, Pie, and Ice Cream only scratch the surface of desserts, but they are the most popular and customary desserts. Celebrate Dessert Day with a dish of your favorite after-dinner treat and partake in the mouth-watering creations from many, many years ago.

Everyone here at Everything Summer Camp enjoys indulging their sweet-tooth. We all brought our own favorite dessert-creations for each other to try today. Check out these delightful dishes and thanks for reading, Dessert Lovers!


- John

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