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What’s cookin’ at Camp Zeke?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

At Everything Summer Camp, we don’t like to toot our own horn. Despite that, we do it all the time on this Blog. Before we get too big-headed, we figured we better talk up somebody else for a change—like summer camps, for example. Shining our spotlight all across the country, our Camp Spotlight posts praise specific summer camps that do excellent jobs at giving their campers a great summer experienceJewish Camp Zeke's logo.

Located in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, Camp Zeke provides a beautiful setting among 560 acres of woods and the foothills of the Pocono Mountains. Campers experience a fun-filled camp stay, celebrated with healthy eating, active days, all the traditional camp activities, and much more.

Ring in the new! 2015 marks Camp Zeke’s exciting, second summer session. Zeke may be new, but its staff certainly isn’t! They’ve been at the summer camp game for a very long time; in fact, Isaac Mamaysky, Camp Zeke’s Director, worked at one of the oldest Jewish camps in the country for years!

At Camp Zeke, you can enjoy walking the many, many miles of woodsy trail and the scenic grounds including their own, private, spring-fed lake, Lake Hickory. Camp Zeke is equipped with clean and comfortable facilities and fantastic features to offer loads of summer fun! There’s something for everybody at Camp Zeke.

They’ve got a heated, outdoor swimming pool, a dance and yoga studio, several art studios, a volleyball court, basketball court, tennis courts, jogging track, a brand new work-out gym, bunk lounge rooms, a full stage and theater, outdoor pavilion, as well as a professional kitchen utilized for teaching.

You’ll start and end your days in a beautiful, air-conditioned cabin with a lake-view lounge where you can socialize with friends, join in fun group activities, or wind down after a long, jam-packed day at camp.

There’s so much to Camp Zeke but it isn’t all encompassed in the fun features and cool facilities that they have there. No, it’s a Jewish community where kids can gather to make memories, form friendships, and take healthy risks that build their strength and confidence. Look into Camp Zeke for yourself!


- John 

Are you ready to have fun Camp Zeke style?


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