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What to do in winter wonderland…?

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Hey, Outdoors Boys and Girls!

It may be the dead of winter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t venture outside! In fact, I encourage it. You’ll find that outdoor exercise is even more advantageous and invigorating in this cold, winter season. Today I’m going to give you some good ideas for wintertime activities so you can get your body going in the fresh, wintry air.

There are excellent options of things to do outside when the world is covered in a blanket of snow and the temperature drops until water turns into ice. With the fun you’re sure to have during these activities, you’ll warm up from the inside out in no time.
Have a blast while the snow lasts!
1.) Sledding. Sledding is a great thrill in winter. Feel the cold air rush past your face as you race down a hill of white. You can head out to a hill on your own or with a group of friends—so long as you bring a sled along, it’s sure to be a blast! And, of course, hauling your sled all the way back up a hill in the snow is taxing and is what gets you your exercise.

2.) Snowshoeing. Get your blood pumping with a brisk constitutional through a wintry landscape. Snowshoeing is great for keeping your feet—and thus, you—comfortable when trekking through a stretch of freshly fallen snow. By increasing the surface area that your feet cover, snowshoes will allow you to stay above the snow and walk on top of it. I recently posted about the health benefits of hiking, as well.

3.) Ice Skating. Sure, you can always go to an indoor rink, but, for maximum enjoyment, I would recommend taking your skating trip outside. This is a great way to spend a winter afternoon and can deliver some great exercise. Just ask the Peanuts crew!

So don’t let cabin fever settle in at your house this winter. Get out there in the great, white outdoors and get your body movin’! And, as always, thanks for reading!





- John



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