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What part of ‘la junta’ don’t you understand?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We love being the convenient stop before the camp session begins here at Everything Summer Camp–the recommended camp outfitter for roughly 250 summer camps across the country. And proud of our relationship with each of them, we love singing their praises on our Blog. That’s why today we’re shining our camp spotlight on the much-deserving Camp La Junta Boys Camp.
Sharpen your coordination skills at Camp La Junta!Tucked away on 200 acres between the scenic rolling landscape of Texas Hill Country and the pristine Guadalupe riverfront, Camp La Junta sits among wide open spaces. The beautiful, spacious campground is naturally shaded thanks to the ubiquitous cypress and oak trees.
Camp La Junta is a piece of heaven in Texas.
Never a dull moment, at La Junta, they keep their campers pretty busy throughout the summer sessions with awesome activities such as Horseback Riding, Archery, Mountain Biking, Riflery, Canoeing, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Athletics, Go-Cart Racing, Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Football, Tennis, Fishing, Sailing, Kayaking, and even more!

The campers’ cabins may look rustic on the outside, but inside, they are roomy and remodeled as of 1990, offering comfort throughout the nights. TThis kid gives Camp La Junta a wet thumbs up!hey each provide a full bathroom with hot water available for the twelve campers as well as a cabin leader and leader-in-training.

Aside from their 19 wood paneled cabins, the campground is complemented with a conveniently laid out campus including the Old West Dining Hall, their all-weather recreation hall that provides air conditioning when it’s too hot out, an open air theater where campfires are had as well as Sunday services and awards ceremonies, horse stables, a covered activity pavilion of 6000 square feet, open fields, and much, much more.

Much more than just what you see on the surface, though, Camp La Junta provides its campers with the encouragement and opportunities to build lifelong confidence and shoot for their aspirations. Check out Camp La Junta for your camping experience and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Take some fun, healthy risks this summer and explore Camp La Junta.



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