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What NFL quarterback attended Camp Champions?

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Hey, Campers!

Every summer camp fan knows that they aren’t the only one who loves the summer camp experience! After all, what would camp be if you spent the entire thing alone? It’s a good thing so many people love it. Did you know that most famous actors, athletes, musicians, and other big-name celebrities were once summer campers too? I’ve talked about 32 of them on this Blog so far and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

With no shortage of former summer camper celebrities, today I’d like to talk about an awesome athlete, NFL quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, Mr. Drew Brees. Since he joined the New Orleans Saints in 2006, Drew has seen much success. He led the team to the championship of Super Bowl XLIV and was named MVP that year.

But before Drew saw all this success, before his college career, before he graduated from high school, he was a summer camper. As a matter of fact, he went to the same one as Lisa Loeb at Camp Champions in Marble Falls. Camp Champions is a coed camp just outside of Austin, Texas with which Everything Summer Camp has the pleasure of working.

An old camp counselor of his, Nick Fole, recalls back when Drew was only 12 years old. Fole spoke about how Drew would wake him up way earlier before any other camper was awake, and they would play basketball on the courts outside until everybody else woke up. “He was pretty hard to beat. I was a college football player, and I had to work pretty hard. It’s a true test of how competitive he was, even when he was 12.”

Drew went to Camp Champions for eight summers! He REALLY liked camp!

In fact, this guy loves summer camp so much that he’s turned himself into a summer camp benefactor when he’s off the field. Having donated to the summer camp program at Purdue University, PALS, you can see why Everything Summer Camp is happy to shine the spotlight on him in gratefulness and recognition.

Thanks, Drew.


- John


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