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What KIND of day?

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Hello, Good Folks out there!

Kindness is a pretty big deal. Everyone appreciates it, it spreads its goodness everywhere it goes, and it benefits the doer of the kind deed as well as the deed’s recipient by delivering a well-deserved feeling of self-satisfaction. It’s no wonder that there are so many days on the calendar for the celebration of kindness.
You're all so NICE!!!Not only is today ‘Do Something Nice Day’, but there are four other days on the matter—three of which we’ve posted about on this Blog! January 24 is ‘Compliment Day’, a great day to spread your natural sunshine by saying something nice about someone. February 17 is ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ in which you do something nice for someone. There’s also ‘Make Someone’s Day Day’ on October 29 and ‘World Kindness Day’ just a couple weeks later on November 13.

For the Blog post I wrote on World Kindness Day, I put together a list of good deeds people Everyone can be super nice!can do for one another. For the ‘Make Someone’s Day Day’, I discussed altruism and how a selfless act can actually benefit not just the recipient, but you as well (as the doer of the good deed).

To touch on another, somewhat self-serving benefit of kindness for today’s post, treating others with kindness will typically return to you. It’s true! You can call it Karma if you like, but really it only makes sense to think that if you treat someone kindly, they’ll respond with kindness—treat everyone kindly and you’ll receive nothing but kindness back!

What goes around certainly does come around, so make today of all days, a kind day and see what you get back in return! It’s a great incentive to doing something nice! Happy ‘Do Something Nice Day’ and, as always, thanks for reading!Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


- John

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