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What I'm TRAYing to Tell You

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Hey, Footlocker Fans!

Here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog we love talking about the history of camping gear you’re likely to find on your camp’s packing list as well as other everyday tools—everything from hammocks to hairbrushes.

We don’t have to dig quite so deep for today’s history lesson. We’re looking back less than 30 years ago, before we switched to our esteemed trunk accessory, the Glide N’ Go Tray. Before we developed such a great product, C&N Footlockers came with a tray whether you ordered it or not.

Out with the Old…
Our original tray was made of plywood and lined with the same liner that we used to use on the interior of our trunks. It took up the entire top of the trunk so every time you needed to access the contents of the trunk below, you had to remove the tray (which offered no convenient handle) and set it down somewhere large enough. It was a very cumbersome piece.

…In with the New
Switched over to the Glide N’ Go Tray, made of very durable plastic, weighs much less, and takes up half the space of our original tray. It has a lid to it so you can pack it full and be sure nothing spills out. It’s also designed to glide along a couple of rails in the trunk that we install so you have easy access to the contents below while still making use of otherwise unusable space in your camp trunk.

From customer outreach and surveys we’ve taken, we know our switch to the Glide N’ Go Tray was well-received. We always love improving upon our products—that’s what keeps our C&N Footlockers the leading brand name in camp trunks. Click right here to browse our entire selection of traditional steel trunks as well as our extensive and innovative collection of Designer Trunks.

As always, thanks for reading and happy camping!


- John


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