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What Gem of a Singer/Songwriter Attended Camp Interlochen?

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Hey there, Summer Campers!

For today’s Blog post from Everything Summer Camp, I’m telling you about a famous woman who was once a summer camper just like all of you. Her name is Jewel Kilcher. But you probably know her better as just, Jewel. This incredibly famous singer and songwriter has lived a rather interesting, surprising life. No one ever would have thought that this young girl would grow up to be as famous as she turned out to be!

Though she was born in Payson, Utah, Jewel grew up in Homer, Alaska where she lived with her father as well as her grandfather for some time. Her grandfather had been a state senator and a delegate to the Alaska State Constitutional Convention. Living in Alaska meant living in a very different lifestyle than what most of us are probably used to.

The home where she was raised had no indoor plumbing. Her and her father used an outhouse whenever nature called. They also earned their living going around and singing in local bars and taverns—this is where Jewel picked up on her singing voice (not to mention her yodeling skills).

She attended high school at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, majoring in operatic voice. Interlochen Center for the Arts also offers a summer camp experience which Jewel attended as well. It was at this time that Jewel picked up the guitar and learned to play the instrument. By the time she was 16, she was writing songs.

After school, Jewel embarked upon her journeys, traveling all around the country and living out of her car all the while. She made her money performing on the street and doing small gigs. She started gaining recognition here and there in coffee shops. As her popularity grew, she began collaborating with other artists and in time, Jewel made her way to the top.

She’s received four Grammy Award nominations. Her album “Pieces of You” went 15 times platinum! All this from the Alaskan girl who yodeled with her father in local taverns! What will you become?


- John


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